Month: October 2017

Contact DKI Services for Complete Wind Damage Repair

High winds can cause extensive damage to properties, business buildings, garages and homes. When strong thunderstorms cross a region, the local homes and businesses are at great risk for sustaining major damage. These forceful wind gusts can topple trees that may fall down on structures breaking windows or even crashing through roofs. When anything like this happens, and there is accompanying property damage, call an expert qualified to perform wind damage restoration. DKI Services arrive incredibly fast when contacted. These professions promise to be at the wind damaged site within approximately two hours. Often, they arrive even sooner.

The certified technicians from DKI Services have the background to tackle these often extensive and complex jobs. They have tree cutting services to get rid of trees and large branches brought down by the wind storm. Every situation calls for different approaches. This company has tons of experience working on all … Read More