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3 Things to Know When You’re Looking at Buying Bathtubs New bathtubs aren’t exactly the most common kind of purchase. But if you’re renovating your house or bathroom, it’s important not to forget about the tub. It’s one of the most crucial parts of our daily routine, yet one of the most overlooked fixtures in our homes. Due to this, it’s likely that you’re at a loss when it comes to knowing your options. There are several common materials in modern tubs. The first choice is for the body structure, which is usually iron or steel. The outer surface is often plastic or acrylic. Beyond that, some buyers are opting for fully stainless steel tubs nowadays. Of course, the ideal tub for your bathroom depends on your individual preferences and needs. We’ve come up with three vital issues for you to think about. Your Budget
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You probably won’t be surprised to learn that the assorted material choices have varying prices associated with them. When it comes to the body, iron is undoubtedly more expensive than steel. For the surface, plastic is unsurprisingly the cheapest option. Needless to say, you won’t be impressing the neighbors with that option.
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How Durable? For the body, there aren’t many materials that are sturdier than iron. As a result, you can depend on a cast iron body to last you a lifetime and effectively resist damage. The downside of this is that you may have to spend more on labor up front. Additionally, in the event that you end up having to replace it anyway, you’ll once again deal with that extra cost. All that said, steel is also a perfectly good option, since it is fairly strong as well. The next choice is for the exterior, where plastic comes out on top for reliability. In spite of its reputation for being a lower quality material, it holds up much better than fragile porcelain or ceramic tiles. Are Looks Important? Don’t forget to spend some time thinking about the tub’s visual impact. Your tub is one of the largest and most conspicuous fixtures in your house. Here is where attractive porcelain tiles can really shine. You could also consider a stainless steel tub for its looks. There is a growing fascination with these impressive-looking tubs. They won’t appeal to every buyer due to their distinctiveness, but depending on your preferences, they could be a great choice. Remember some of these tips when you’re out there looking at tubs. Do your research and shop around, since it’s an important purchase!